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    General Notes:
    Creatorspace members will receive a 50% discount on the class, not including the cost of the parts.
    Because of limited class size, precedence must go to paid registrations first.
    Classes have a participant reserve of 6 registrants before class will be taught.
    This round of classes is intended for adults; students younger than 18 must also have a parent or guardian register with them.
    If there are any problems with registration or payment, please contact us at
Basic Robotics Class (Saturdays - July 29, August 5, & August 12)

In this class we will be building a simple obstacle avoiding wheeled robot with an Arduino for a brain. You will get to assemble the bot, program it, and solder up the control circuit.

Class size will be limited to 10 people and will cost $100 including all parts.

July 29 – Part One - Building Your Robot

Using supplied parts, you will build a basic two-wheeled robot, and outfit it with motors and sensors.

Time: 1-5pm (4 hrs)

August 5 – Programming Your Robot

In this class you will breadboard the controls and program the Arduino to make your robot sense and respond to the environment.

Time: 1-5pm (4 hrs)

August 12 – Finishing Your Robot

And finally, in this class you will take your breadboard design and turn it into a soldered project board to make it a permanent part of your robot.

Time: 1-5pm (4 hrs)