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 March 4 – Art Through Technology

Learn how to create art using our 50w Laser Cutter/Engraver, including an introduction to Inkscape, a free and open-source vector graphics program. Class will focus on both bitmapped and raster images, and will teach you how to design for the laser.

Time: 1-5pm (4 hrs)

Cost: $50 (includes materials)

Limit: 5 people

Instructor: Scott Milligan

      Scott Milligan is our resident Laser Master, and has taught this class previously as part of our Art Through Technology Program.

March 11 – Machine Lathe 101

The basics of machining using a lathe. Safety, the parts of the machine, how to set up your part. How to choose cutting tools and how to use them effectively and safely. Hands-on instruction.

Time: 1-5pm (4 hrs)

Cost: $50 (includes materials)

Limit: 5 people

Instructor: Dan Sykes

      Dan Sykes (Steampunk Dan) has nearly 40 years’ experience with lathes, mills, and metal fabrication.

March 18 – Arduino 101

Introduction to the workhorse of the Maker Movement. An inexpensive, open-source and easy to program microcontroller. Do you want to make your project react to its environment? Learn how to add sensors, motors, and LEDs to just about anything.

Time: 1-5pm (4 hrs)

Cost: $40 (Does not include materials. Kits used during class will be available for purchase for an additional $30)

Limit: 6 people

Instructor: Dave Overland

      Dave Overland is a retired NASA engineer and has been teaching Arduino classes for several years.

March 25 – Soldering/Desoldering

One of the basic skills of electronics. Learn how to use a soldering iron to attach electronic components to circuit boards, as well as remove them to replace or scavenge parts from existing boards.


Time: 1-3pm (2 hrs)

Cost: $25 (includes materials)

Limit: 6 people

Instructor: Jared Williams

          Jared Williams is an enthusiastic maker and tinkerer, and is a recent transplant from North Carolina.